January 10, 2015

Big Eyes - [ Drama / Biography ] - (3.5/5)

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Big Eyes - What is in a name of Artist?

Big Eyes a biographical drama set in 1950s of famous artist Margaret Keane (played by Amy Adams) whose work of unique type of paintings which shows small kids with Big Eyes was fraudulently by her then husband Walter Keane (played by Christoph Waltz) and their divorce over name of paintings made by Margaret.

Margaret Keane was quite shy lady who was struggling from her previous marriage and was trying to find a work in San Francisco along with her daughter meets Walter who was freelance painter and real estate agent. They fall in love and get married and Walter being effective sales man try to sell the paintings done by him and Margaret. Margaret unique styling of making big eyes in all her painting creates phenomenon interest among buyers, where Walter claims that all her painting was done by him and rise the hype of publicity. The movie is about Margaret struggle as a artist, wife and a women where she decides not to take any more and file a lawsuit to claim the fame of all her work.

It's a great direction by Tim Burton and fabulous performance of Amy Adams and wonderful Christoph Waltz, a good watch especially if you like slow pace drama and art.

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