February 9, 2015

Nightcrawler - [ Crime / Thriller ] - (4.5/5)

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Nightcrawler: After Dark Breaking News

Nightcrawler is an American crime-thriller written & directed by Dan Gilory. The film revolves around Lou Bloom played by Jake Gyllenhaal who at the beginning of movie is a small time thief desperately looking for any corporate job and lands up in starting shooting video footage of local crimes, accidents, etc. as freelance videographer to sell it to local news channel. Dan is a fast learner and imagines himself as a head of corporation while working as a Nightcrawler (a term for late night freelancer videographer) and also hire a co-worker Rick (Riz Ahmed) who helps him to locate & navigate to crime scenes by listening to Police Radios. Lou manages to sell his footage to Nina (Rene Russo) who is morning news director at local TV News Channel and looking for gory, violent crime and accident footage of affluent neighborhood of Los Angeles. The movie is about how Lou creates news footage to move himself up to the ladder and finally create a corporation “Video Production News” with a team of Nightcrawlers.

It’s an awesome movie with amazing screenplay and the way they build up Lou’s character and his hunger to be a guy who is perfect in his job and head of corporation is outstanding. This is one of the best performances by Jake Gyllenhaal where he really makes you believe in his character. The dialogs, editing, cinematography of LA Nights is simply superb. The movie depicts dangerous journalism where media likes sensationalising violence and create fear to their audience to get the best rating. It shows the dark side of news reporting and showcase to what extent these professionals can go to make news sensational and scary.

It’s an awesome thriller and highly recommended to watch it. 

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