February 8, 2015

The Theory Of Everything - [ Biography ] - (4/5)

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The Theory Of Everything: Ahead Of His Time

The Theory Of Everything is biographical drama of a great scientist or possibly most intelligent man alive Professor Dr. Stephen Hawkings (Eddie Redmayne). This is a story about his life as a scientist and the challenges he faced with motor neuron disease which will make his body muscles un-cotrollable however his brain will remain active. While suffering from his disease and struggling to survive his life with wife Janne (Felicity Jones) and family, Stephen continues his work to define the Time and solve the mystery of universe. This is story about his fighting spirit and humility of his work which is helping mankind to find the reason "why we are here".

The movie is really well made with excellent direction and the best delight of movie is Eddie's performance which makes you believe the character he played of Hawkings with his flawless acting and expressions. Instead of focusing Science and his achievements the movie focused on Hawking's personal life and his wittiness. It's a great movie to know about such a personality

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