October 25, 2015

The Walk - [ Adventure Drama / True Story ] - (5/5)

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The Walk - Getting High Over Wires

The Walk is a movie about famous french wire walker Philippe Petit (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) of 70s era who has taken a quest of setting up wire between twin tower of Wold Trade Center of New York and walking over it. The movie starts with narration from Philippe about his childhood in France and his passion of wire walking on most unimaginable places. While doing his initial learning of professional wire walking from Papa Rudy (Ben Kingsley) and practicing wire walking on Paris's street, Philippe stumbles upon a magazine article about world's tallest twin towers Word Trade Center in New York which he makes his quest to walk over it illegally. He builds his team of accomplices comprises of his girl friend Annie (Charlotte Le Bon), his photographer friend Jean-Louis (ClĂ©ment Sibomy) and to go to The New York City for the real walk. The movie is about how he manages to make his impossible dream possible against all odds he faces as the day of Walk arises and entirely focuses on quest of final Walk over WTC buildings.

The movie is spectacle and will leave you speechless in each part of it's story. The cinematography and camera work is so perfect that it will literally make you feel as if you are walking on wire and experiencing the thrills as Philippe. A thumbs up to Joseph Gordon who performed the character of Philippe superbly and he portrayed Philippe's passion so convincingly for all of us to believe it.
The real star of movie is Robert Zemeckis who after great movies such as Forest Gump, Back To The Future Series, Cast Away, Flight etc. has pulled another great movie with full perfection.
It's his great direction, story telling style and moments will keep you on the edge.

Watch it with 3D IMAX Screen and I am sure you will have feeling vertigo and adventure over here.


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