January 9, 2016

Steve Jobs - [ Biopgraphy ] - (4/5)

Image Source: Universal Picture

Steve Job - Transformation of an Innovator

Steve Jobs is biographical drama directed by Danny Boyle which is based on Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc. The movie depicts three major launch events of Steve Jobs (Michael Fassbender) career and goes back in time to show the background about same. The movie starts where Steve Jobs is launching Apple Macintosh in 1984 where he argues with Marketing Head, Joanna Hoffman (Kate Winslet) on bugs where Macintosh can’t say Hello. He also meets his ex-girlfriend Chrisann Brennan (Katherine Waterson) where he denies being father of five year old Lisa. It also shows argument with co-founder Steve Wozniak (Seth Rogan) regarding acknowledging Apple II team. Then movies swift to the next launch of NeXT Computer where it travel backs and shows how Steve gets fired as CEO after Macintosh failure and showdown with John Sculley (Jeff Daniels). It shows Steve attempts of NeXT launch to entice Apple to get him back as CEO and in the background also shows Steve acknowledging Lisa as his daughter. The final part shows the iMac launch where Steve make amends with John Sculley and also apologies to his daughter Lisa.

The movie is very creatively directed by Danny Boyle where he chosen non-linear path to show Steve Jobs life which rises and falls through three key product  launches in the history of Apple Computers. Through the launches the movie shows Steve’s transformation of his relationship with Apple, his friends and his daughter Lisa. Michael Fassbender done superb & convincing job as Steve and Kate Winslet has acted meticulously as his confidant. This movie certainly shows different aspect of numerous biography made on Steve Jobs where it shown how vulnerable and yet agile he was as a personality.

It is superb movie making and you will certainly love it.

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