January 7, 2016

Irrational Man - [ Drama ] - (3/5)

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Irrational Man - Deadly Purpose Of Life

Irrational Man is Woody Allen movie setup in a college campus of New England a small town at Braylin where a new philosophical professor Abe Lucas (Joaquinn Phoenix) who joins the college recently. Abe is a lost soul full with sadness and existential crisis who eventually discovers purpose of life when he enters into relationship with one of his student Jill Pollard (Emma Stone). Abe & Jill discusses deep fundamental of philosophy and Jill gets crazily attracted to Abe's perspective and wanted to be his inspiration for life. While hanging around they come across of a story of stranger woman in cafe where they learns that she will be denied access to her child because of a corrupt Judge. Driven with extreme idea of philosophy of purpose of life Abe thinks his purpose of life can be achieved if he kills the judge who is a stranger to him and he wanted to kill him for a woman who is also a stranger. The movie is about Abe's strategy to kill the Judge and consequences to his life after that.

This is a very typical Woody Allen style of twist & turns which surprises you the way story develops. The movie starts slowly but gets you interested the way Joaquinn handles the character of Abe. For me the ending is a bit disappointing and very un-predictive but that's what Woody does to you through his movies. This may be not his one of the best however this is still a pleasant watch.

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