January 6, 2016

The Revenant - [ Action / Drama ] - (4/5)

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The Revenant - Cold Wild West

The Revenant is an American biographical film directed by Alejandro G. Iñárritu set in 1823 Montana and South Dakota, which was inspired by the experiences of Hugh Glass.
In 1823, a quasi-military hunting party of trappers and hunters led by Capt. Andrew Henry (Domhnall Gleeson) are hunting for pelts in the unsettled wilderness of the Louisiana. They have been attacked by Native American Tribe called Arikara who is looking out for one of their lost daughter. Only one-third of the hunters manage to escape the attack and try to find their way towards Outpost. Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) is the most experienced hunter suggests taking forest route however he gets attacked & severely wounded by mother bear which slows the hunter party. John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy) who never liked Hugh Glass argues with Capt. Henry to kill him as he is nearly dead and they can move fast.  Henry offers payment of $100 for two men to stay behind with Glass. When two boys (Jim Bridger (Will Pounter) and Glass's son Hawk) volunteer, Fitzgerald argues that boys could get killed so Henry up the reward for third man and on which Fitzgerald volunteer himself for money promising proper burial. Fitzgerald stays back and tries to trick Glass and kill him where his son Hawk comes to save him and get killed during struggle. He lies to Jim about Hawk and leave Glass behind in a pit where they plan to bury him. Glass survives miraculously and he walks through the woods to take revenge for his son. The movie is about his dramatic survival and his revenge from Fitzgerald.

The Revenant is very different from typical Alejandro movie in a tone that either it may be liked or may be hated. The movie gives you amazing cinematographic experience & sequences shown will make you part of the era itself. It may not be as great as Birdman but it certainly good movie watching in general.

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