May 7, 2016

Captain America : Civil War - [ Action / Superhero ]

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Captain America : Civil War - Avengers at conflicts

Captain America, Civil War is superhero movie, a third one on a series of Captain America timed at event post Avengers : Age of Ultron incident in Sokovia. The movie start back in 1991 in one of mission by Hydra operative brain washed soldier Bucky Barnes (Sabastian Stan) intercept a car carrying a case super soldier serum and kills it occupants. It comes back to current time where Avengers are trying to stop Crossbones (Super Soldier) from stealing chemical weapon at Lagos. When Crossbone trying to self destruct and kill Steve Rogers "Captain America" (Chris Evans) with explosives, Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) diverts the explosives to next building killing 11 innocents people. The collateral damages done by The Aviators in past few incidents catches world's attention and US Secretory Of States decides to put Avengers under UN body which was approved by 117 nations. Steve and few of his supporters doesn't agree on this whereas Tony Stark (Robert Dawney Jr.), Natasha (Scarlett Johansson), Vision agrees to sign the pact to go under UN so that there will be proper control on Avengers.

The movie shows Sokovian Helmut Zemo (Daniel Bruhl) who plans attacks in UN convention at Vienna by killing king of Wakanda and implicate Barnes "Winter's Soldier" for same. Helmut also discovers codes to activate Barnes to do destruction and kill Avengers. Steve and Barnes confront each other and Steve finds the conspiracy to implicate Barnes and show Avengers in a bad light to world. He tries to convince Tony that its not Barnes who needs to be captured as according Barnes there is still a lab in Siberia which can activate more super soldiers to create more destruction in the world. Tony does't agree to this and asks Steve and his team to surrender and that's where Avengers gets divided in two teams and confronts each other. The movie is about Helmut's smart plan to make Avengers kill each other.

I never gone to any superhero movie with great expectations but this one surprised me with amazing story line and on top of that putting each characters in the situation of vulnerability. Somehow Marvel realised that movie is different from comic and it fed the viewer of great story apart from their just power. It's a very well made movie and I don't mid saying it is much bigger and better then The Avengers series. As usual Robert Dawney Jr. stands out and he was funny especially when he tries to recruit Peter Parker "Spider Man" (Tom Holland) in his team. It also introduced a new character Prince of Wakanda T'Challa "Black Panther" (Chadwisk Boseman) and yeah return of Ant Man (Paul Rudd) was awesome. The fight between Steve's and Tony's team was just amazing as you can't get that much of action between super heroes ever again especially with their powers as well as wits.

It was a great entertainment, must watch.

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