June 18, 2016

Udta Punjab - [ Drama ] - (4/5)

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Udta Punjab - Trippy and High

Udta Punjab is hindi/punjabi drama film directed by Abhishek Chaubey based on drug menace & drug abuse which is happening in the state of Punjab. The movie starts with packet of heroine flying from Pakistan to India border which is caught by nameless labouor from Bihar (Alia Bhatt) who works on farm field there and entire events unfolds how drug cartel works in Punjab which introduces several main characters of movie. It shows UK based pop artist Tommy (Shahid Kapoor) who is always on drugs and has big fan base especially youth who are inspired by him to be high. Its has Dr. Preet (Kareena Kapoor) who works tirelessly to help the youth and kids who are addicted to drugs and also works as a social worker to stop unauthorized sale of drug through pharmaceuticals shops. Diljit Doshan plays corrupt cops as Sartaj Singh who is okay to make cut from drug smuggling but get his conscience back when he sees his own brother addicted and nearly get a life from drug abuse. The movie explain the drug cartel over Punjab through these characters as well as politics of drug business in beautiful way.

Abhishek's way of presenting the story is terrific and keeps you interested however the movie lacks it's speed in certain parts. The movie already has a great star cast but its Alia Bhatt's great performance will win you over. I am so impressed by her portrayal as Bihari laborer and her flawless acting as a matured actor. She is simply suberb. Another great delight is to watch Diljit Doshan who steered his character with simplicity and Kareena is also absolutely perfect in her role. Shahid's offer variation and given another superb performance as Tommy however at certain point you will find him bit over board. Abhishek's direction and cinematography is excellent especially the way movie is summarised at the end.

It's a great movie and I am glad high court made it release without any cuts, you must watch it.

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