July 31, 2016

Madaari - [ Thriller / Drama ] - (3/5)

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Madaari - 

Madaari is thriller directed by Nishikant Kamat, it's a story about a grieving father Nirmal Kumar (Irrfan Khan) who lost his son in tragedy which is caused by negligence of government.

In terms of taking his revenge from system he kidnaps the son of home minister Prashant Goswami (Tushar Dalvi) and ask the Home Minister to use all his power to find out the tragedy in which Nirmal had lost his son and bring the culprit to justice in front of world.
Prashant hires Nachiket Verma (Jimmy Shergill) who is Jt. Director of CBI to use entire government machinery and catch Nirmal Kumar.

Nirmal being a smart and techie guy smartly plans the kidnaps and always on move which makes impossible for entire government machinery to nab him. He smartly makes his demand heard and also uses social media to spread the message why he is doing that and gets public sympathy.

The movie plays around on apathy a common indian goes through from our corrupt insensitive systems and shows what happens when same thing happens to powerful people like a home minister. It will give you kind of feeling of "Wednesday" kind of movie.

Nishikant Kamat has delivered good movies in past and try his best here however after a point movies looks very predictable and looses it's thriller flavor. Irrfan Khan has done superb performance and overall the movie is a decent watch.

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