November 20, 2018

Searching (5/5)

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Searching: Following the Digital Footprint

Searching is a thriller film directed by Aneesh Chaganty set almost entirely on smartphones and computer screens. The film starts with a creating of profiles in Windows 95 of a small happy family of David Kim (John Cho), Michelle La (Pamela Nam Kim) and their daughter Margot (Alex Jayne Go) where movie progress with timelines of important events in their life. As story progress, Pamela dies from lymphoma after which David and Margot kind of become distant.

They are living their lives until one of the night Margot goes missing from a friend's house where she has gone to study. David is clueless as he never interacted and knows any of her friends and finally report her missing to the local cops. To uncover the mystery of her suddenly gone missing David logs into Margot computer and phone records to explore what exactly happened to her. Her digital footprint unravels lots of facts which was unknown to David and David tries to find her by connecting dots from whetaver he gathered from her computer and online activities. The movie takes you through David's perspective on how he relentlessly tries to find his daughter. 

After a long time, I have seen a movie with such perfection. It's amazingly made movie in each its frame and keeps you on the edge with your mind running as fast as a David Kim in the movie. A unique thing which came out was the way movie is shot through the computer and smartphone screens was simply amazing. Whether it is acting, direction, story, editing ... this one is a perfect movie from all the aspects. It certainly shows that you do not need a high budget and the heavy star to make great movies. I will be very disappointed if this movie doesn't get shortlisted for Oscar. 
Everyone must go for this one without a doubt !!

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