October 15, 2018

A Quiet Place (5/5)

Image Source: Paramount Pictures

A Quiet Place : A mute survival

A Quiet Place is a 2018 American post-apocalyptic horror film directed by John Krasinski. The movie was set up in 2020 where most of Earth's humans and animals have been wiped out by shadow creature of unknown origin. The creature attacks anyone which makes noise and hypersensitive to any sound they hear.

The story showcase Abbott family- Lee (John Krasinski), Evelyn (Emily Blunt), partial deaf daughter Regan and sons Marcus & Beau. The family silently live in a wild alongside with the deserted town and communicate with each other in sign language to avoid any sound to avoid attack by the creatures. While scavenging supply in one of deserted store Beau find a toy which was given to him by Regan and activates it's battery while walking towards their home. The sound of battery attracts creature who attacks Beau. Lee couldn't able to save Beau and Regan lives with the guilt of getting her brother killed. A year later, Evelyn is pregnant at the final stage and Lee continuously tries to contact the outside world to check whether is there any more human alive. While Lee and Marcus away from house Evelyn gets into labour pain and try not to make any sound however due to an accident and small noise creatures get attracted and enters their house. The movie is all about their survival and fight by being mute and quiet. While fighting it back Regan discovers the sound which comes from her hearing implant distress the creatures and she uses that to kill creatures. 

There are several movies on doomsday and apocalypse like I am Legend, The Road etc- "The Quiet Place" has taken the thrill to next level with very few characters. The direction, cinematography, sound design is flawless and keep you on the edge throughout the movie. Emily Blunt has been amazing in the scene where she delivers baby quietly and fighting it back. It is indeed one of the best sci-fi, survival thriller ever made. Must Watch and be ready to get scared !!! The best part is that the movie ends up with the possibility of the sequel and recently its sequel also announced. 

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