December 28, 2011

Anks Rating: Top 10 Bollywood Movies of 2011

This rating is based on numerous movies which I had seen in 2011. There were some movies which were rated high and missed by me. So last week I covered watching those movie to arrive at this rating.
1. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara (Drama/Comedy)
A movie about three friends who have been inseparable since their childhood plans a bachelor trip to Spain. While being on trip they rediscover, confront & get actual answers about their life they were seeking. A movie is fresh and it connects with everyone who have best friends. This my No.#1 movie of 2011.
2. Shor In The City (Thriller/Crime)
This is the best ensemble movie bollywood has ever made. Story about five characters- A pirated novel publishers, two kidnappers & thugs, NRI returned businessman and a struggler cricketer. It is very fast paced movie made in backdrop of Mumbai. A real delight. Good one from Ekta Kapoor.
3. The Dirty Picture (Drama/True Story)
Aah.. this was much awaited picture. Another good one by Ekta Kappor's production. The Dirty Picture was very bold movie about 80s south siren- "silk" played by Vidya Balan with perfection. The movie depicts the boldness unapologetic Silk who lived her life with what she believed and exposed the double standards of our socierty.
4. Rockstar (Romantic Drama)
I know people will wonder why I rated it high, but I personally liked it. I didn't like it the way this movie was presented pre-release as movie on Rockstar and song "Sadda Haque" which was highly underplayed in the movie. But I liked Imtiyaaz Ali bold effort to present a love story in very unique movie.
5. No One Killed Jessica (Political/True Story)
This is the another movie based on true incident this year about famous murder of bar tender Jessica Lal. The movie is superbly executed covering the entire case and characters meticulously. Another applaud for Vidya Balan for this great movie.
6. Delhi Belly (Comedy)
In the name of comedy we always tried to get sleazy and cheap, but Delhi Belly has raised the bar at next level. The movie about three friends and their encounter with gangsters for stolen diamonds. The movie is based on comedy of error and really fast paced and extremely funny.
7. Aarakshan (Political Drama)
After Rajneeti in 2010, prakash jha presented Aarakshan. The movie was less to do with reservation issue and more to do with flawed educational system of our country. The first half was mind blowing and second half was bit stale compared to first half; but overall movie was convincing and Amitabh was as usual at its best.
8. Not A Love Story (Thriller/True Story)
This movie as RGV touch which we were missing since Sarkar time. Not a love story movie is based on murder of Grover by Maria & Jerome. Since I have been following this on news paper, the movie was full of thriller and to everything you can relate. If you like crime thriller this one is one of the best.
9. Shaitan (Crime Thriller)
Again the expectation was high for this movie as it belongs to Anurag Kashyap's basket of great movies. The movie was fast paced action sequences for bunch of friends running away from cops and surprises were coming up on it's way. If we break out mind that movie is about inner shaitan and watch it for a crime movie, you will love the editing, camera work, story and yeah... amazing soundtarck
10. Pyaar Ka Punchnaama (Comedy)
Ok... alot of movies crossed between my mind while choosing for Shaitan and this one.. but I looked at them thoroughly, gone back in time and realised that it deserves to be here. The movie was GUYs point of view in GIRLs relationship and really funny. Whether you endorse this or not but you will love the comedy.
There are movies like 7 Khoon Maaf & Don2 where I was in dilemma to put it in Top 10 but the above ones are the ones who is I believe really worth to put it in top 10.
There are top grosser and blockbuster like Ready, Bodyguard, Singham, Bbudhaa hoga..., Ra.One.... etc which is just a disappointing lot.  I really wonder the taste of Indians or have we become so marketing fed crowd...and anyways the shelf life of these movies are not beyond one week anyways.

Some Non Mainstream Movies I Recommend For this Year

1. I Am Kalaam (Drama)
Very honest, innocent, simple and realistic movie. A movie about a small village boy Kalaam who works in a Dhaba and wanted to study and be self relied. Every indian must watch to understand the power of simplicity.

2. I Am (Drama)

This movie was released in 2010 but technically theatrical release in India happened in 2011. This movie consist of 4 short stories  "Omar", "Afia", "Abhimanyu", and "Megha". Each film shares the common theme of fear and each is also based on real life stories. The film was financed by donations from more than 400 different people around the world, many of whom donated through social networking sites like Facebook. This is one of the best work piece of cinema art.

3. That Girl In Yellow Boot (Drama/Thriller)

This is movie by Anurag Kashyab about a girl, a British woman who comes to search for her father - a man she hardly knew but cannot forget. Without a work permit, desperation drives her to work at a massage parlour. This movies shows her journey in Maximum City and her struggle and finally the emotions & revelation when she finally finds her father.

4. Stanley Ka Dabba (Drama)

Another innocent and sweet movie about kids revolving around our most prized possession of our school time- our lunch box. Amol Gupte put a very simple story with big message through this delightful movie.

5. Dhobi Ghat (Drama)
As true to it's tag line, this movie is truly a Mumbai Diaries. A day of life in Mumbai's slum area. The story has investment banker who is in sabbatical to explore mumbai, an artiste who is loner, a dhobi guy who came from mumbai and wants to become film star and a married muslim girl who through her tapes shows her life in Mumbai. Mumbai indeed has space for everyone or one can say Mumbai eats the personality and characters of individual.

So this was my list for this year.... the next blog will be on Anks Award For Bollywood Movies. 
For hollywood movies I still have to watch few movies to come up with rating. Please let me know your views on same.

- Anks

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