December 27, 2011

Why I am with Anna ?

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Since from the beginning of this year a lot has been talked and written about the Anti Corruption Movement which Anna and his team has started. Anna comes from a very relevant background to start something huge like this.

A retired Army Driver who lives a very ordinary life is small village - Ralegaon Siddhi, Near Nashik which was one of the many villages of India plagued by acute poverty, deprivation, a fragile ecosystem, neglect and hopelessness. Anna Hazare took it up as a challenge and converted the same village to self dependent with sufficient water, electricity & agriculture facilities. He managed to prohibit Illegal Alcohol Business and started Grain Bank to provide food security to Village and further work on programs such as: Watershed Development Program, Milk Production, Education, Collective Marriage etc... Literally all the programs which ideally need to be done by elected MP or MLA of that region.

His protest against corruption started long back in 1991 against timber merchants, land owners, money lenders, and corrupt forest official which further spread all across Maharashtra which compelled Maharashtra to implement the RTI Act. The same act was brought nationally and we all know the power of it.

It really make sense for him to start this Satyagraha in the name of organisation “India Against Corruption” because we all know corruption today is at all time high. It has so much become part of our society that we even budget some money for corruption as we know that nothing will work, nothing will happen. One has to pay if they want things to be done from getting a basic license, to passport, to any possible thing around. Whom do common men turn to? Political Class??? They call them self Sevak, Karya Karta but the way they roam their SUVs in front of our eyes and make a mockery on us that how powerful they are. I am born and brought up in Jamshedpur, studied in Aurangabad, lived in Pune & Mumbai and through out my life I had not seen any political workers polite and courteous to people. All I seen is muscle power and arrogance even if they are not elected.
I refuse to believe our country is largest democracy. We have election where the % of voters turn out is 56-57% (General Election 2009), this doesn’t include numerous number of voters whose name is not in voting list who have moved from one place to another or failed to product some documents (I am one of them). Now we all know every political party and their leaders play divide and caste politics. I myself seen in Bihar my own relatives were voting for someone who they don’t trust but doesn’t vote for right candidate because he belongs to other caste. In election we don’t hear what kind of person is he: what we only hear Dalit, Muslim, Hindu etc. And yes these politicians spends loads and loads of money to buy votes and woo voters. The money comes from corporate in the name of donation whose favour they return once they come in power and every darn person in this country know this. But now it has reached to a limit where we need revolution.  Most funny part, this is the only country I believe where several parties fight election against each other and once the result is out; they suddenly start supporting the same contender in return of some favour. (e.g. NCP, TMC, CPI etc). Is this democratic?

We can’t expect revolution from this constitution which is being always used as a shield by politicians for letting them do anything they would like to. We talk about law and constitution whereas most of the law is still exist since pre-independent era.
We need someone who these politicians should be scared/worried or accountable of. As a common man when I see these people I will always prefer to be on the side of Anna & Group, just for one reason at least they managed to push politicians on the edge.

I read about some intellects who writes some very idealistic article but I don’t see the situation is idealistic anymore. Even I have problem with arrogance and Team Anna being anti-congress but if they are behaving like this, it’s only congress itself are responsible for it. It all happened in front of us, when in Feb govt. took the decision itself to draft the bill with Team Anna and Congress Members (mind it no coalition members or opposition) and then they them self started changing their stances later by under estimating Team Anna’s strength.
For our group of intellects writers/thinkers, sometime it’s become fad to say something against populist movement; people talks about let’s make judiciary strong, police efficient and honest and strengthening various other existing machineries; but please tell me? Is it practical in current scenario? The corruption is in the root of every system of our country now; from small things like filing an FIR, paying fine for traffic offense, passport offices etc. It looks like system itself is designed to promote corruption. To get simple things done, processes are so complex that one don't have any choice but to resolute in giving bribes.

So what’s wrong in having an independent body with a mixture of govt., judges & civil society to monitor and investigate all complains which is the pain points of all the tax payers? We have example like CAG which lately proved how effective they are in pointing govt. their short comings and accountabilities. I know Lokpal alone may not solve the problem but it will put a lot of system in order. It will create awakening, make people aware and empowered that at least they have someone to turn to. Right now no one care and now is accountable.

That’s why I am with Anna to pressurise this so called Democratic Govt.

At the end the corruption first needs to be eradicated from Micro & Individual level but we have to have responsible government who must come clean and accountable for our situation.


  1. Nice article.. I totally support anna too...
    Some say that he is a wannabe gandhi or he is doing it for his self gain and other rubbish things...
    Whatever they say, i am with him..
    I am 18 now and i want to spend the rest of my life in a corruption free india, where some rich lad wont get ahead of me bribing his way through... Jai hind !!