April 16, 2012

Anks Movie Review: Bittoo Boss (1/5) [Comedy/Romance]

Image Source: Top10Bollywood.com
Bittoo Boss: Pointless Video Shooter without Focus
Bittoo Boss, gosh what I was thinking before deciding to watch this flick. May be thought some magic like Band Baaja or comedy like Pyaar ka punchnama. Bittoo Boss, is a story of Video shooter from small town called Anantpur, in Punjab. He is creative, always on demand and best Video Shooter around who tries to make big in music videos and further to bollywood. He likes a girl from rich family and get persuaded to make a quick bucks after his humiliation as a small person with no creativity which lands him to illegally shoot honeymoon couple though hidden camera. As he is good human being, his conscious never allowed him to indulge in sin and he comes back.
The movie is boring, pointless, doesn't grip you at all. Performances are average and leading actress is too pale. Overall a headache.

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