August 15, 2012

Ek Tha Tiger [ Action / Romance ] - (3/5)

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Ek Tha Tiger - A Romantic Spy

Ek Tha Tiger is much hyped and awaited Salman Khan movie of 2012 where Salman Khan plays a RAW agent who is dedicated soldier and only cares about his duty. In his assignment he meets a lovely lady Zoya (played by Katarina Kaif) whom he falls in love but realised that she is also a spy; that too rival ISI agent. Then loves takes over emotion and both decides to leave the world of hatred between two nation and build their own world; whereas RAW & ISI didn't want to compromise on national security and tries to bring them down.
Well, according to me this is quite an ordinary movie and first half is bit of drag. Any action of spy movie must have gripping power which this movie lacked and it was kind of predictable even if in it's twist and turn. I believe its better not to put story line and emotion in Salman's movie and it always works. Katarina looked good but her acting was as usual ordinary. The only thing is lovable in this movie is action sequence which was done quite amicably and close to hollywood style.
It is an ordinary movie; nothing great.


  1. "Ek tha Tiger" aur Ek thi Billi - would have been a more appropriate title to this excellent romantic action thriller.

    Chopra's are the Masters in bringing movies of LOVE across the border. Veer-Zara was one such masterpiece by Yash Ji and now Producer Aditya and Director Kabir have brought one more movie in such series. Screenplay by Kabir and Neelesh are good.

    Salman (Avinash Singh Rathod Alias RAW agent Tiger) and Zoya Bibi (ISI agent) fall in love and they run away in love (so they become Ek tha Tiger and Ek thi Billi) and neither the RAW not the ISI can find them in 204 countries of this world.

    Tiger and Zoya - Lovable Salman and Lovely Katrina :-)

    The weak point of this movie is the soundtrack given by Sohail Khan/ Sajid-Wajid. The title music score by Julius Packiam is good but not outstanding.

    Action sequences are excellent but can easily make out the body double of Salman doing those sequences. The action sequence where Tiger stops the tram would make Rajini wonder what to do next!

    If there is a Zoya such as Katrina no wonder Tiger can become 'Ek thaa Tiger' ;-)

  2. Frndz I have seen this film at 6:00am in Morocco multiplex.My final verdict is 4.5stars.It will definitely cross 200cr mark.Film is very good and it is not a copy of Agent Vinod.In this film there are so many stunts performed by him.So frndz watch this film with ur frndz and ur family and enjoy 2hr 12min film running time.