August 26, 2012

Gangs Of Wasseypur - 2 [Action/Drama] (5/5)

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Anurag Kashyab's GOW2 takes a cue from where the first part end and put you in roller coaster rides of family revenge. After Sardar Khan's death the next generation takes over and shows the aggression for taking revenge to their prime target Ramadhir Singh. At heat of moment the elder son also being killed by Sultan and now onus comes to underdog Faisal played by Nawazudding Siddiqui. Faisal shocks everyone with his gruesome and ruthlessness and become the next Don (bahubali) of Wasseypur. He also enters politics and vows to bring Ramadhir Singh down. He gets married to his filmy girl friend Mohsina played by Huma Qureshi. He expands his gangs and get aligned by hiring his step brother Definite Khan. The movies plays around the backdrop of revenge, gang wars, conspiracy, jealousy, cheats and transformation which is happening in Wasseypur as it becomes part of Jharkhand.
This movie gives you flavor of Godfather the way Faisal takes care of business and styling of Quantine Turantino actions. The camera work and editing is superb and not to miss Anurag's innovation with music at the backdrop. It brings out best performance from each characters and every one's roles are significant wonderfully presented. My personal favorite is Richa Chadda as she played young lady in Part 1 and quite effectively played the old part too and Tigmanshu Dhulia as Ramadhir Singh.
This is indeed cinema at its best- full with entertainment, humor, action and thrills. Woth to keep in collection and watch it over and over again.

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