September 23, 2012

BARFI ! [Romance / Drama] - (5/5)

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Barfi ! - Full of sweetness
Barfi is a romantic comedy film made by Anurag Basu, a story about a dumb-mute guy called Murphy, played by Ranbir Kapoor. This movie is about his life and his love story. Barfi, who belongs to Darjeeling is a simple, happy, go lucking guy who takes life as it comes. He spreads happiness and always remain happy and connects will all beauties of world. He fall in love with Kolkata Girl Shruti played by Ileana D'souza but couldn't get married to her because he is poor and handicapped. The plot runs across Barfi's life and also introduce his childhood friend Jhilmil, the autistic grand daughter of most wealthy family of Darjeeling. Barfi try to kidnap her to get some money for his father's kidney operation and in same situation he spends time with Jhilmil and falls in love.
This uniqueness of this movie that the story is as simple but can't be relish unless you watch and experience it. It travels between 1970s/80s and current time with it's flashback story and take you throuogh a relishing journey of the character BARFI !
The screenplay done superbly and editing is marvelous, the way Anurag has expressed this story by shifting flashbacks and narration is simply commendable. The movie is perfect from all aspects; be it direction, editing, amazing cinematography and not miss- awesome performance by each and every character defines. It makes you feel belief that this si a real story with real people.
I loved Ranbir Kapoor for is flawless performance and admire his selection of movies and Priyanka Chopra just raised the bar way above for any female actor to achieve. Ileana, Saurabh Shukla and all other cahacters are just perfect. For me Barfi is a hope that india cinema is not noise, item numbers and stardom- it is about saying simple story with conviction and honesty.
I am just spellbound, this is the movie worth keeping it as collection and yes, I wish Barfi- all the best for Academy Award.

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