October 6, 2012

Heroine [Drama] (3/5)

Image Source: Glamsham.com
Heroine - Star struck

Heroine is a typical Madhur Bhandarkar movie with a female lead, a story about a hindi film actresses and ugly world of bollywood. It's a story about a female actress who is well known has affair with married actor played by Arjun Rampal and she struggles to survive in this male dominated industry.

The movie depicts all ugly side of bollywood and Media who sensationalise everything about film industry.
It covers all scandals which really happened and we know about it and what actually make movie sells.
It is well directed movie, a bit slow; this is less of movie and more of documentary but quite well made. Kareena Kappor acted superb and all characters are quite convincible.

Overall it is a decent movie to watch ! 

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