October 6, 2012

Englsih Vinglish [Comdey / Drama] (5/5)

Image Source: Koimoi.com
English Vinglish : Language no bar
Every film stands for an idea, a notion, a story, a thought; something that filmmaker wants to tell the audience. How faithful the film sticks to this idea - in it's language, and through it's duration - is a measure of how good and how successful the film is. English Vinglish has a very simple premise. A housewife founds herself inferior to her more educated husbands and kids, her self esteem in direct proportion to her knowledge in English. Without their knowledge, she masters the language, and in the process discovers she is equal to all and inferior to none. That's the story. Nothing Less, nothing more.

The character played by Sridevi is awesomely written and focus on main theme- it never makes it dramatic nor boring. Even at the climax as an audience you will feel that she must vent out and shock people but again she handles it with humility and sweetness. It's a great movie straight away made with honesty by Gauri Shinde and what a comeback of Sridevi. 
Just loved it.

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