October 6, 2012

OMG: Oh My God ! - [Comedy] - (4.5/5)

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OMG: Oh My God ! - A Real Act Of God...

OMG is a movie made out of a famous play by Paresh Rawal- Kishen vs. Kanaihya. It's a story about a middle class show owners who sells old stuffs and god's idols but doesn't believe in god. He has god fearing family and people around him but he always make fun of what people do in the name of god worship. 
He also disrupts a local festival in order to get his son away from the celebration. The Hindu priest presiding over the function, Siddheshwar Maharaj, shouts at him and says that "God will curse you". That night a small earthquake occurs in Mumbai, but there are no damages at all to property or life - except for Kanji Bhai's shop, which has been destroyed completely. He somehow has insurance papers saved and goes to insurance company for claims and being told that the policy does not cover any damage caused by earthquakes, which are classified as an Act Of God. He is shattered as he lost everything and then the idea occurs that if this is an act of god whom his family devoted and given a lot he better sue God and claim his loss.
Next day he files a petition and send notices to all so called God's representative all saints and ashrams and drags them into court.... and drama continues.
The movie plot may sounds funny and baseless but the way it is built and highlighted the blind faith in religion and all fake saints who takes our money and has nothing to do with God. It shocks you and every element of movie represent true examples. The movie stars Akshay Kumar as lord krishna which makes movie more interesting and shows exactly what could be God's point of view.
Its an excellent movie and deliver the message, especially for our country where millions is being wasted through the hands of poor people on religious practice which does no good.
A Must Watch !!!

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