June 23, 2013

World War Z - [ Action / Horror ] - (4/5)

Image Property: Paramount Pictures
World War Z : Zombies on the loose

World War Z is an action horror movie about world taken over by Zombies and they are multiplying. Unlike the zombies which we have seen here they are fast and more dangerous. Brad Pitt is an ex UN employee given a task to discover patient zero from whom this virus spread started so that one can develop a vaccine. To discover patient zero he travels from UN safe base near New York to South Korea, Israel and discovers the breakthrough at Cardiff, UK. He encounters zombies and their devastation wherever he travels.
Well personally I do not like movies on ghost, vampires and zombies but this one is really well done and shows a bigger picture. This movie will remind you of I Am Legend as well as Ccontagion.
There is nothing to write about this movie as this movie is all about stunning visuals and special effects which was done meticulously and of course Brad Pitt's performance.

Go for it and go zombie.

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