June 8, 2014

Fimistaan - [Comedy] - (5/5)

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Filmistaan - The entertainment knows no boundaries

Fimistaan is a movie about a great bollywood buff, Sunny played by Sharib Hashmi who is living in dream city mumbai as a struggler to make it big in bollywood. He is great entertainer with a passion to become a film star and always mimic hindi movies scenes in his real life. To earn some money he joins american documentary movie crew as assistant director which is been shot at India Pakistan border in Rajasthan where he gets mistakenly kidnapped by pakistani terrorists. The movie is about his survival at small village in pakistan border and passion that both country shares for indian films. He becomes friend of Aftaab played by Inaamulhaq who sells pirated movie and also a great bollywood buff and they plan escape together. 
The movie has amazing screenplay and superb direction by Nitin Kakkar. It has real funny and touchy moments which shows how much bollywood is there in our like. Sharib Hashmi and Inaamulhaq has given brilliant performance. It shows the entertainment & nature of people are same and cut across any borders and political situation. It is a great tribute to indian films and also one of the great movie on friendship between Sunny and Aftaab.

The movie has already won lots of international awards and also won National Award For Best Feature Film. Do not miss such excellent movie.

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