July 5, 2014

Tracks - [ Drama / Adventure ] - (4.5/5)

Image Source: 20th Century Fox
Tracks - The Journey which has no beginning no end

Tracks is an Asutralian film based on true story of Robyn Davidson who travels 1700 miles across austrlian deserts alone with three wild camels and her dogs. Robyn is regular girl who just decides to walk from Alice Springs to Indian Oceans covering 2700 k.m. She struggles from the beginning but determined to do this all by her self from acquiring three wild camels and manage to find route. The movie shows her entire journey and also memoirs of her childhood.

Its an excellent movie with superb screenplay and direction. Mia Wasikowska  has done superb performance as Robyn Davidson. The movie will shock you with adventure which truly happened. If you like movie based on true story and about journey, do not miss this one.

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