October 14, 2018

A Star is Born (4/5)

Source: Warners Bro.

A Star is Born: Love and Addiction

A Star is Born is a musical romantic drama produced and directed by Bradley Cooper in his directorial debut. This is a 4th remake as well as representation of the same story which appeared in 1937, 1954 and 1976 as well as in Bollywood with a movie like  Abhiman and Aashiqui 2. 

A movie revolves around a famous rock star Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) who is alcoholic and happen to meet Ally (Lady Gaga) in one of drag bar where she was performing. He gets impressed by Ally's talent as a singer as well songwriter and they both share their passion for music. Jackson invites Ally on his next musical gig and encourages her to sing live on stage with him. Ally gets a great response from the crowd and she joins Jackson on his tour. They both fall in love during the tour while Jackson struggles with his addiction along with sudden success and change in Ally's life. They both get married however Jackson couldn't able to cope up with transformation in Ally and his addiction to drugs & alcohol. The story takes emotional turmoil where Jackson becomes difficult for Ally's career and embarrassed her during Grammy award. Ally decides to spend time with Jackson to help him recover which cost her musical tour. Jackson realises that it's good for Ally if he ends his life.

The movie is exceptionally made and well performed by all actors. The most strong part of the movie is its music which just goes along with stories with all amazingly written songs. Bradley Cooper did a superb job not only as a director but also as a fine actor and he certainly got into the skin of a rock star with all songs sung by himself. Lady Gaga is a delight and not even for a moment it looked like she is new to acting and handled her role as an experienced artist. It will be interesting to watch her as an actor in the coming time. Overall it was an amazing movie with a sad romantic story and I am certain it will fetch some popular awards in Oscar as well as Golden Globe. A worth a watch.

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